Maitreya College of Education and Management

Maitreya College of Education and Management- Best B.Ed college in Vaishali, Bihar

Our Motto: Discipline-Food for better life 

Education and Discipline, both are complimentary to each other. As a student of B.Ed., it is imperative to realize that without being disciplined yourself, you cannot impart right education. MCEM has made continuous efforts to impart right values which may not be found in any of the printed books. Right values is nothing but self realization of being RIGHT. One of the values that we have repeatedly emphasized is PUNCTUALITY. We have observed that all our top academic performers possess this trait of PUNCTUALITY. Whereas, it is rarely possible that an unpunctual performer may become a topper or excel in his field.
Hence, through this article we wish to express that MCEM has been a patron of DISCIPLINE & PUNCTUALITY. Abusing and wasting time is like wasting opportunities in life.



Campus and Infrastructure

The campus is spread over 2 acres and is situated geographically at a location which offers very conducive environment for learning and development of our students. The college has an all season approach road with 24 hours public transport system.



Curriculum and Faculty

Our curriculum flows from the intellectual mentors of Aryabhatta Knowledge University (AKU), Patna whereas our superior teaching abilities are an output of our hand-picked faculty members.




Academic Program

MCEM currently offers Bachelors in Education (B.Ed), a post-graduate degree course recognized by National Council of Teacher Education (NCTE) vide Letter No. ERC/7-136.6.31/NCTE/B.Ed/2012/13265 and Affiliated to Aryabhatta Knowledge University (AKU), Patna